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At One Bored Mommy, we are a passionate team of parents, writers, and experts dedicated to providing valuable content that resonates with today’s parents. Each member of our team brings unique expertise and a shared commitment to supporting and empowering parents on their journey. Get to know the people behind the scenes who make One Bored Mommy a trusted resource for families everywhere.

Claude J. Benson – Chief Content Officer

Claude oversees the development and publication of all content at One Bored Mommy. With a meticulous eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Claude ensures that every article, guide, and story meets our high standards for quality and relevance.

Claude’s background in editorial management and content creation makes them an invaluable asset to our team, bringing a wealth of knowledge and creativity to our platform.

Charles M. Hutton – Director of Community Engagement

Charles is dedicated to building and nurturing a vibrant community for our readers. With extensive experience in audience development and social media strategy, Charles fosters meaningful interactions and cultivates a loyal following among parents and caregivers.

Charles’s expertise in community engagement helps ensure that One Bored Mommy is a welcoming and supportive space for all.

Sahm R. Morgan – Lead Content Strategist

Sahm specializes in creating comprehensive content strategies that resonate with our audience. With a strong background in digital marketing and SEO, Sahm ensures that One Bored Mommy’s content reaches and engages the right audience.

Sahm’s strategic approach to content planning and optimization helps us deliver valuable and impactful information to our readers.

Courtney J. Ellis – Creative Director

Courtney brings a flair for design and a passion for visual storytelling to One Bored Mommy. With expertise in graphic design, photography, and multimedia content creation, Courtney enhances the site’s visual appeal and user experience.

Courtney’s creative vision and innovative approach ensure that our content is not only informative but also engaging and visually captivating.

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At One Bored Mommy, we believe in the power of community and the importance of sharing experiences. We invite you to join our community, connect with other parents, and become part of our journey. Together, we can navigate the challenges and celebrate the triumphs of parenting.

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